Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Speed Scrap Event

Last week at the big 5 year birthday celebration at Jessica Sprague.com we had several
online events going on everyday.  One of the days we held 5 "speed scraps" every 2 hours.
A speed scrap is when someone from the site (this time hosted by my Creative Team buddies)
comes up with guidelines for you to follow every ten minutes for an hour.  Then after an hour
you should have your page completed- talk about pressure!  You have no idea what they are
going to require beforehand - what type of techniques to use, paper, colors, style, pictures - how many, colored or black and white- etc... It is a lot of quick thinking, but ultimately a lot of fun.  The best part is looking in the gallery and seeing how everyone interpreted the instructions, and how different and great all the layouts look.  Did you know you can browse through the gallery at Jessica Sprague? From the Home page, just look for the Gallery tab- once you get to the Gallery you will see
them broken down into different catagories.  My work can usually be found in the General and
also the Inspiration Galleries, or you could just do a search using someone's name.  Here are
my layouts from the Speed Scrap!  Thanks for looking!

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