Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Classes I'm taking now!

Hello friends!  Sorry I have been absent of late.  Seems like with my Creative Team commitments, blogging on Dani's blog every Wednesday, and oh, yea- keeping up with life... I have not been here much lately!  And if all that were not enough, I am taking a couple of classes right now.  The first one is one I have taken before, Capture Your Life - Through the Lens with Katrina Kennedy.  You can find out more about this photography class and her approach to "365" right here .  I love that she let's us take the class again and again.  I find, as I learn more skills with photography, I need to go back and pay attention to something I missed the first time around.  I haven't posted anything in the forum or Gallery this time, but Katrina is always there to help.  Great class, I highly reccomend it!

The other class I am taking is called All Star Graphics, and it is taught by Jana Morton at and you can check it out right here .  I have taken most of Jana's classes and have learned so much from her.  This class is especially fun because you don't use a ton of products - it is a lot of your photos and different techniques in Photoshop- but the results are really cool - very graphic, poster or Sports Illustrated type of looks.  Which is great, because baseball season has started and we are in full swing- get it?!

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